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Deutsche Asset One
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About us

Who we are?

Market knowledge

We are an independent, management-majority owned Real Estate Investment- and Asset Management boutique with a 25+ years experience and track-record. Our clients are solely constituting from institutional blue-chip institutions (banks with their on-balance sheet investments and leading pension funds).  We act as the full-fledge outsourcing partner / owner representative, developing portfolio investment strategies that we execute and manage exclusively for the respective life-cycles of their portfolio holdings. We are highly verticalized in our value-creation approach and have deep and thorough understanding and experience in the asset-class “Living”.

We take responsibility.

We are consciously aware of our responsibility to all (!) stakeholders and far beyond pure economic aspects. Particularly the residential asset class has a superior relevance to society and personal well-being that we continuously thrive to catering for by our hands-on management approach.

Wir believe in corporate culture.

Since founding it is our DNA to be more than just an Investment- and Asset Management company. Culture, values and mission are of utmost relevance to us. Through our full-cycle stakeholder approach, we thrive by doing the little things different and being authentic.



Our team is our biggest asset

Together we assemble a great wealth of Real Estate Investment experience. We provide space for responsible acting and pay great respect to team-work. Who shares this mindset with us, will have a great platform to be an entrepreneur within a safe and guarded environment. We try to continue building teams of nice, positive-minded, purpose-driven individuals that are all different while sharing the same values. Diversity is welcomed – more than half of our team are women are represented in leadership positions.


Berlin is one of the most dynamic cities in the world und provides for an interesting, inspiring and fun time. This is where our roots are. Right in the middle of the city, 5 min walking distance from Friedrichstraße, Museumsinsel and Oranienburger Straße – this is where we are.


We try to stay on top of the game, identify the changes of society early and develop investment strategies accordingly. This way we can generate value to all our stakeholders and provide clarity and guidance in turbulent times. We see change rather as an opportunity than a challenge.


Entrepreneurial acting and thinking is ingrained in our DNA and it shows in the independence and responsibilities that our team members show day in and day out. As a team we constantly thrive to improve and achieve best-practice standards.


ESG aspects are a central piece of our responsibility and affecting our daily decision-making. We try to identify future challenges early, so we can create solutions to them – acting instead of reacting. We have been able to create and establish strong partnerships with which we can support each other to achieve the mutual goals.

Investment strategies


We are active and focused upon the “Living” real estate asset class for more than 20 years in Germany.

Residential Germany
Wohnen Neubau

Proven competence in management of development projects taking into account the requirements of all different tenant groups.

Residential construction projects
Wohnen Europa

The deep understanding and track-record of this asset class and its different sub-asset classes makes us an ideal partner for sophisticated, value-oriented, institutional investors that are looking for building or expanding their allocation in that asset class and a comprehensive owner representation.

Residential Europe
Alternative Wohnformen

We are your partner for establishing portfolios in the Winning Cities of Europe and German strategies in conventional housing, residential developments and investing into Alternative Accomodation.

Alternative Accomodation

Talents watch out!

We are constantly looking for new talents. We continuously invest in education to generate junior staff from our own ranks. In this context we will start from October 2022 with our own dual study program.

Become a part of the DAO Family!

Become a part of the DAO Family!


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